Home Staging

While not all homes need staging, I always recommend a consultation with my home stager to see if there are areas we can improve. A big part of selling your home is the “first impression”, both inside and out. We only get one chance at this and if we fail, it can potentially stop an offer in its tracks. It is important that we pay attention to even the smallest of details while selling your home. Real estate buyers start house hunting with a logical list of criteria but, the home they actually buy is chosen largely for emotional reasons. We don’t only look at the inside of your home, we see if there are any changes to be made to the outside as well. I will provide this service complimentary.

Staging your home is a 2 step process:

Home Stager visits the property (usually with myself) and will stay approximately 1 hour. Stager will have you walk them around the interior and exterior of your home and if you like, you can explain what you think are the best features of your property and features that you might think are not so great.

The Stager will then walk throughout the home/property by themselves. You will be given a list of recommendations (your to-do list) via email either later the same day or within 24 hours. It is up to you, how many of the recommendations you choose to follow. You can go to town and do the whole list or pick and choose what you like. If you need to hire painters, contractors or make some purchases, my home stager can recommend some trades for you.
* If you need to purchase a few items or rent furniture to enhance the saleability of your home, the home stager can also help arrange that.*

On the second visit, also complimentary, the Home Stager and myself, tweak your home to get it ready for photography and video tour. We might move furniture around, hang pictures and add a few things that will help your home shine. Most buyers look at the properties they will be viewing on the internet. We need to ensure that your home looks it’s very best on-line.

*cost for contractors, painters, etc. is usually between home seller and contractor
**cost of rental furniture (if needed), accessories, paint, etc. is covered by the seller


Professional Photography


Having a professional do your photos and video tours is an essential part of selling your home. Whether your home is a townhome, semi, detached or sprawling estate, it is important that your home and property's best attributes are highlighted. Pictures taken by a real estate salesperson with their cell phone just don’t cut it. With most buyers starting their home search online, professional photos make the first impression and promote a call to action - viewing the house.

When listing with me, your home will have professional photographs, video and virtual tour - COMPLIMENTARY. For larger properties, drone videos are supplied.